Sunday, November 13, 2011

Not Dead + EZLOSPIRIT IV LAUNCHES!!!! + Next Up...

No, I'm really not! Dead, that is. The Intravenous Covers has been a 7-month project because I haven't spent every possible moment recording it. I've been doing a lot of work on my upcoming Pokémon Live! spin-off album (more on that later...). And recording audiobooks. And writing novels. And a whole lot of other stuff!

Luckily for you...EzloSpirit IV: The Intravenous Covers (see what I did there?) is now available! I started recording it...I think the same night or maybe a week after I finished Threedom!, so back in April or so. However, due to both quality issues and very subtle changes in my voice, and given that it had been months since I had recorded any of the album, I scrapped all of my previous recordings (the first five or six, minus "Hey Jude," which wasn't even a planned track until the last night of recording) for the album at the end of July and started over. The only track that I didn't redo (for obvious reasons) from April was the first bonus track, the edited version of "La Vie Boheme" from Threedom!. This track was just me having fun with my then-new Nintendo 3DS; what I did was I put the song on my SD card, went into the Nintendo 3DS Sound application, plugged a line-out/line-in cord (what are those called?) into both my 3DS's headphone (line-out) jack and my laptop's microphone (line-in) jack, raised both the speed and pitch of the sound in Nintendo 3DS Sound, and I pressed the record button in Audacity (on my laptop) and the play button in Nintendo 3DS Sound. It was interesting.

EzloSpirit IV sees my departure from having tons of Pokémon and RENT songs that began in Threedom! become complete. There are only two Pokémon songs (only one mentions anything related to Pokémon, though the word "Pokémon" does not appear once) and two RENT songs (three, if you count the first bonus track). There are four songs (total) from StarKid Productions' two fanmade Harry Potter parody-musicals. My point? There's more variety in this album then in any of the Trilogy I albums! Heck, there are even  three pop songs (one of them being current!) on this album: "Chasing Cars," "Upside Down," and Adele's beautiful but haunting piece, "Someone Like You," the latter of which closes the album (not counting the two bonus tracks).

One last thing: EzloSpirit IV ushers in the era of Trilogy II, and fittingly, it is most certainly my highest-quality album yet. Going off-key? Well, it still happens. But very rarely! Audio peaking? Well, that still happens, too. But only occasionally! Lots of emotion in most of the songs? Yeah, I got that for you now, too!

Long story short: there's almost 90 minutes of the best a capella, EzloSpirit-made audio yet waiting for you in EzloSpirit IV: The Intravenous Covers and Trilogy II! Head over to the "EMC: Trilogy II" page on this site to find download stuff.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Site Launch!!! + EzloSpirit IV Progress & Current Track List

I launched this blog about five days ago, but I was too lazy to write a post about it! Huzzah! Anyway, I'm known (to some) as EzloSpirit, which is one of my primary Internet aliases, derived from my other one (SightSpirit) using the name of a character from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap for Nintendo's Game Boy Advance handheld gaming system.

I first discovered that there was such a thing as a "good singing voice" (and that not everyone has one) when I was 12 (sad, huh?). I was over at a friend's house, starting up LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy--on a random side note, this was the Nintendo DS version, the glitchiest and most poorly designed video game I have ever played, which is so awful, that it's actually pretty fun (both to play and to laugh at)--on my Nintendo DS Lite (which broke about a year later). The game opens up with an intro (that you can't skip) during which John Williams's classic theme. So, anyway, I started singing along with the Star Wars theme, and from the other room, my friend's mother complimented me on my singing voice. I was grateful for the compliment but also a bit confused as to why it deserved a compliment. When my mom came to pick me up, I told her about it, and she explained that I come from a musical family and that my singing voice comes from her side of the family...and that not everyone in the world has a good singing voice. Surprise, self!

Anyway, I'm in high school now. This site is dedicated to my series of albums that I record using a $20 Logitech microphone from 2004 or so (it's really good for its price and time) on my laptop. These albums contain at least an hour of me singing random songs that I like. Especially in the beginning, this consists heavily of music from the Pokémon movies and TV show (and the obscure, short-lived stage musical), as well as showtunes. As time has passed, I have worked to add in a bit of variety. This is especially evident in EzloSpirit: Threedom! and the upcoming EzloSpirit IV.... I'm a big fan of showtunes, and I took acting lessons for three years, so I love singing stuff from musicals (with emotion!). However, like I just said, there's other stuff, too.

Why did I bother? Because I was bored. No, really. That's exactly. I wasn't originally planning releasing any of it to anyone, but I released the first two albums to a few of my friends back in January (right after starting Threedom!). Then, about a week ago, I finished an almost-full cover of the original broadway soundtrack of RENT and released it to three of my friends. And I just felt like releasing it widely. And I said, "what the heck" and released the others, too, on this new blog. And being a HUGE supporter of Google (I use the vast majority of their products), I decided to use Blogger to do so. That, and I already have a couple blogs on Blogger.

It's really just for fun. Some of the recordings aren't great. A select few are awesome (in by humble opinion). In some (many early on), I go off-key, and that throws me off. In others, I go off-key and catch myself. In no more than five or so, I stay on-key throughout. Early on, my voice was higher. I have never taken voice lessons. The point of this paragraph? To tell you that this is not professional. And sometimes, it's just plain bad. But not often, especially later on. There are also no instrumentals. Early on, I loved to make my own "instrumentals" with my voice. I gave that up for the most part by the end of the first album because it sounded dumb.

Anyway, enjoy! ("Hit the jump" for an update on the fourth album!)